What is Cliffnotes?

Cliffnotes! is a literary celebration that supports the programs and services of The Rye Free Reading Room.


How is Cliffnotes! different from Novel Night?

Cliffnotes! is a slightly scaled-back affair compared to a traditional Novel Night and will be limited to private parties without an afterparty. Early bird ticket prices will be $150 instead of $350. They will increase to $200 closer to the event. The date is earlier to allow hosts to make use of outdoor spaces.


What should I expect from Cliffnotes!?

Each Cliffnotes! party is themed after a travel destination and literary work. Due to the extraordinary circumstances of this year, the Cliffnotes! co-chairs will be assigning guests to parties instead of asking them to rank their choices. You will receive an invitation the week of Labor Day


What do the funds raised at Cliffnotes! do for the community?

The funds raised:

    • Support 98% of the library programs, such as Wiggle Giggle, Mother Goose, Shakespeare on the Green, Teen Lock-ins, and more
    • Bring summer reading events to the Rye community with weekly activities to celebrate reading and learning
    • Cover the costs for the Express Collection, making sure bestsellers and popular subjects are available with limited or no waiting
    • Make the museum pass program possible, allowing residents to visit MoMA, the Guggenheim, the Intrepid, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, and others
    • Maintain the landmark facility at the heart of downtown Rye