Hosting a Cliffnotes! gathering is a great way to connect with friends, meet members of the Rye community, and support the Rye Free Reading Room!

Hosts pick their destination and book, or may consult with a librarian for literary recommendations based on a favorite destination. Join forces with a friend to co-host a party that takes you around the globe, or keeps you a bit closer to home. Build a menu, plan an outfit, select decorations, and have a wonderful time!

Tips for Hosts:

    • Please enjoy the planning process – Cliffnotes! is fun, and should not be stressful!
    • Keep receipts of all your party expenses so you can receive the tax deductible benefits
    • Be creative in your décor, menu, and entertainment; there’s no need to spend a fortune


Hosts will be able to design a party that fits their unique risk and safety concerns including:

    • Setting a capacity limit (our goal is an average of 30 attendees per party, though you can host more or less depending on comfort level)
    • Deciding whether the event will be inside or outside
    • Deciding whether you want to limit your party to only people you know – please note that doing so means you’ll be responsible for filling your own party versus relying on the library’s publicity efforts to do so
    • Hosts receive 4 complimentary tickets – two for the hosts and two to be distributed to your choice of guests


For more information, or to sign up as a host, contact the Cliffnotes! Host Chair, Georgia Dyer.